ES-1000 Spectrophotometer for UV-Filter (hardware only)

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x6-ES-1000 Spectrophotometer UV

ES-1000 SpectroPhotoMeter

Versatile Color Management Color management is an essential component in handling today’s complexdigital imaging workflows.
The ES-1000 delivers:

• Precise and fast color calibration
– The flexible solution is simple to install. It connects to EFI servers with just a USB cord then quickly calibrates your output devices to produce reliable color all The time.

• Accurate spot color measurement.
– The spectrophotometer produces precise spot colors by capturing them from a physical swatch and including them in the server’s spot color library so you can easily print the color you need fast.

• Exact white point measurement.
– It helps to accurately simulate color output by incorporating the exact paper white point in the color profiles allowing users to produce perfect color proofs.

• Works with other EFI technologies
– The ES-1000 integrates with other EFI technologies allowing businesses to receive a high return on investment.

• Speed and Precision
– The easy-to-use ES-1000 puts cutting-edge technology in your hands. It offers faster measurements greater patch recognition and of course no waiting! The accelerated ES-1000 spectrophotometer is not only optimized to read twice as quickly but is also outfitted with new Teflon® pads creating a smoother gliding action. Reading patches now is fluid and effortless. Moving quickly between rows enhances users’ productivity and consistency.


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