Color Profiler Scan Table i1iO

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x4-Color Profiler Scan Table i1iO

i1iO Automated Scanning Table
When your needs grow towards high volume output profiling the i1iO automated hands-free chart reader is a must have accessory! Simply dock your i1Pro device into the iO table and your i1 is transformed into a tireless color measurement assistant. It is capable of measuring any substrate up to 10mm thick.

i1iO scan table with arm and base plate features:
• Hands-free test chart reading simply plug in your device align the test chart and the scanning table does all the work
• Measurements for reflective test charts on various substrates up to 10 mm from thin polybag material to ceramics and textiles
• Reads more than 500 patches per minute so you`ll have a custom profile in no time!
• Provide consistent and reliable results
• Increases productivity
• Lowers the level of operator skill required
• Reduces the risk of errors
• Works with any i1Pro device

The optional i1iO scanning table measures all color patches simply and easily by mounting the ES-1000 on the automatic robotic arm of the scanning table. It helps to decrease the time spent creating device profiles and calibrating by improving the accuracy and efficiency.


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