FS-P03 Capsator Electric

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FS-P03 Off-Line Stapler

FS-P03 Convenience Stapler

The easy way to fasten documents before or after you make scans prints or copies.

With compact design and simple operation the FS-P03 Convenience Stapler expands the flexibility of your multifunctional or desktop printer/copier – it gives you greater flexibility to fasten documents at any stage of reproduction.
Stapling an original after copying or scanning is quick and easy you do not have to carry a stack of loose pages back to your desk. You can staple up to 50-sheet prints or copies – a speedy alternative to selecting auto-finishing options if you’re only making a single copy or copying documents that have just a few pages. And rather than use a clumsy hand-held or noisy desktop stapler you can walk up to your printer/copier and staple documents quickly and quietly while holding them with both hands – keeping them tightly bound with a clean professional look.
A valuable addition to any document system the FS-P03 Convenience Stapler will prove its worth every day – by providing an extra finishing option that speeds your workflow.
Key features
• Compact design with bizhub-matching dark colour;
• Staples up to 50 sheets at side and corner;
• Quickly re-fastens originals after scanning or copying;
• Fastens prints or copies without using auto-finisher;
• Stapling action more quiet than desktop staplers;
• Staple documents while holding them with both hands;
• Working table is ideal for versatile side-mounting;
• Uses standard bizhub staples in 5 000 staple packs;
• Rotating staple insert action for easy-handing refills.

Technical specifications
・Stapling capability: up to 50 sheets ;
・Paper weight: up to 90 gsm ;
・Staple position: side or corner of document ;
・Type of clinch: flat clinch ;

・Dimensions (w x h x l): 145 x 135 x 190 mm ;
・Weight: 1 8 kg (without adapter) ;
・Power supply: AC Adaptor (supplied);
・Refill staples: SK-501 (5 x 1000 staples);


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