UK-P11 Controler IPDS

UK-P11 Card IPDS

IPDS Print is a unique software solution that converts IPDS print streams making them compatible with any Production or MFP PostScript copier/printer on the network. In mixed environments customers can even use M.I.S. Print for LCDS and IPDS to convert both data streams concurrently.

• Enables IPDS printing to Production or MFP PostScript copier/printers with 100% data fidelity guaranteed. Runs as a background task with minimal user intervention.
• Supports mainframe and AS/400 connectivity via TCP/IP ESCON Channel or Bus & Tag Channel.
• Supports clipping scaling paper source control automatic resolution scaling bitmap and outline fonts N-Up printing and 2D Barcode printing.
• Reprint jobs without re-processing jobs at the host computer.
• Converts LCDS (with M.I.S. Print) and IPDS data streams concurrently in mixed environments.
• Provides the superior reliability of a Sun workstation. Requires no UNIX or Solaris knowledge.
• Prints host documents to any Production or MFP PostScript copier/printer on the network. Extends IPDS printing capabilities to remote locations.
• Prints to the best printer for the job. IPDSPrint`s flexibility allows you to choose the best printer based on the type of input and the type of output. Reduces printing expenses by consolidating printers.
• Runs as a software application on a Sun-based print controller that already exists in many print environments.
• Integrates with RSA`s QDirect for Enterprise Output Management.
• Channel (Bus & Tag or ESCON)
• RSA Channel Card
• RSA Multi-Channel Server
• Secure TCP/IP
• Call RSA for others
• Co-resident on most production printers
• Highly reliable scalable Sun server


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